It’s Convention Time!

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Each November, since 1986, I’ve eagerly planned my trip to NCA’s annual convention.  That first fall convention trip, I piled into a room at the Palmer House with six other graduate students and enjoyed my first of many weekends in Chicago attending NCA’s convention.  While working on my M.A. at Penn State, the faculty ingrained in me the importance of attending conventions and interacting with other scholars in the field.   I’ve rarely missed a convention since.

This year the convention is only a short Metro ride away for me.  It’s exciting to be in the city I’ve called home since 1993!  I’m looking forward to enjoying the city from a different vantage point.  Woodley Park is an exciting neighborhood and near many great restaurants and nearby attractions and with the Metro only a few steps away, the location can’t be beat.  More importantly, though, the scholarly activities and events planned over the next few days will be enlightening, and in the case of the opening session, entertaining.  I haven’t seen Capital Steps since my first year living here!  As a student of political communication, I am sure their performance will provide much food for thought.  Other panels, many focused on teaching and learning issues, such as using NBC Learn Archives on Demand, a service available to all NCA members, will certainly provide new ideas that I can incorporate into classroom activities.

What convention events are you most looking forward to attending?  Which city sights will you be sure not to miss? Share your ideas with our blog readers!  Safe travels to everyone – see you in DC!


  1. While it has been some decades since I took any active role in NCA, it certainly seems like an enormous waste of time by the dedicated few, or a lot of misunderstanding or simple ignorance by the general membership to have rejected a new constitution & by laws (that I’m sure took several years work by a dedicated few) by a less than 2% vote. Clearly not enough voted, or not enough members grasped the presumed values to be added by the change, or the entire job was simply bollixed by those responsible for the proposed revision. it does seem NCA should have taken more responsibility to inform the ENTIRE membership of BOTH the advantages & disadvantages of the revised rules. I wonder what would have become of our fledgling nation if our founding fathers had voted “no” a time or two more, or perhaps lacked 2% of passing some significant act. This seems a particularly odious action for any professional group of speech communication educators. This result seems attributed to disinterest far more than overwhelming favorable or negative opinions, & I doubt anything too revolutionary was proposed.

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